The principal owners of AHG are Norm Wilcox and Sandy Peterson.  Mr. Wilcox has over 30 years of experience in ownership and management of senior facilities.  He, along with his wife Kathy Wilcox who has been a licensed nursing home administrator for 30 years, manages the day to day operations of the facilities along with facility administrators and localized management staff.

Dr. Peterson recently sold his physician practice management firm which he owned for over 10 years to IPC and joined AHG as an investor and advisor.  Dr. Peterson, through board affiliations, has significant experience in the health care sector.  Through the years Dr. Peterson has served as the President of several companies which gives AHG the senior management leadership it needs to develop and grow.

Norm Wilcox, CEO 

Sandy Peterson, COO

Kathy Wilcox, Vice President of Facility Administration